Meet Alpha The Intelligent Humanoid Robot For Your Kid

SolveLight Robotics is delighted to present the UBtech Alpha Intelligent Humanoid Robot with its easy to program software and friendly user interface. The UBtech Alpha Humanoid Robot is a great buy for kids because of its great design that incorporates many sought out features. It even comes with its very own remote controller to execute all the many different functions and movements. The UBtech Alpha is built with only reliable and quality parts differentiating its self from the other robots for sale.

Da Vinci surgery robot

Robotics In The Medical Field

Robotics in the medical field will help aid humanity in achieving longevity and health. Investing in professional technologies such as da Vinci surgery robot will help innovate new lines of tools for surgeons and doctors alike to better help their patients. Soon patients will have less stress going to the doctors and more years to spend time with their families and loved ones.

ezrobot six hexapod

EZROBOT’s Revolution

EZRobot is a part of STEM; bringing countless robots for kids and helping kids learn robotics and computer science. The technology that the kids of today interact and learn from will lead to the creation of more advanced and sophisticated robots with impressive artificial intelligence. The closer SolveLight Robotics is to achieving the goal of integrating robotics in the classroom, home, and business the closer we are in creating a self sustaining and automated future for generations to come.


Finance A Robot

Looking to buy a robot or drone, but don’t have the proper funds? SolveLight Robotics have teamed up with Unisource Capital to give you the chance to finance your robotic purchases! You no longer have to wait and save up enough money to buy a robot, quadcopter, or 3D printer in full from us now that you can easily finance your order with only a few simple steps!