tesla charging robot

Tesla Motors Had Released A Preview Of Its Mechanized Charging Station

The future of automation is looking bright and brings much promise. Of course, with regulation needing to be implemented as a safety guideline, rather than a restriction, SolveLight Robotics is ecstatic about the release of this innovative and autonomous technology that will help shape the future of driving and not to mention improve safety conditions on the roads today.


Human Operated Robot Used In Dallas Shooting

On Thursday night, July 7th of last week a tragedy in Dallas had occurred. What started out as a peaceful protest against police brutality organized by the Black Lives Movement had a turn for the worst. Police and civilians were caught in the line of fire when a lone gunman had orchestrated a malicious plot to take the lives of “white” citizens, specifically the brave men and women that were patrolling the event.

DJI Phantom 4 Review

In the aerial robotics world, there is a multitude of multirotor companies that fill the scene, but only one company that is truly recognized and respected by most and that is, DJI. DJI was one of the first companies that released consumer friendly drones, allowing drones to explode onto the scene. The company continues to find new ways to innovate upon the old design and SolveLight Robotics is delighted to review DJI’s newest model yet, the Phantom 4.