Human Operated Robot Used In Dallas Shooting

On Thursday night, July 7th of last week a tragedy in Dallas had occurred. What started out as a peaceful protest against police brutality organized by the Black Lives Movement had a turn for the worst. Police and civilians were caught in the line of fire when a lone gunman had orchestrated a malicious plot to take the lives of “white” citizens, specifically the brave men and women that were patrolling the event.


Nanoparticle Robotics

For years scientists have studied a world un-seeable to the human eye. Many researchers have made huge discoveries observing the intricate design of the human body; having to examine from nanoparticles to molecules that our bodies and the world around us is comprised of. This research allows us to understand not just why, but how this Nano-world functions and with this knowledge comes the next step, Nano robotics.


Luggage That Follows You

For those of you who have ever traveled via airplane you know the hassle it can be. Your experience probably consists of long lines, flight delays or cancelations, and lugging around your luggage. Although a resolution for long lines, flight delays, and cancelations hasn’t been made yet, one company did manage to solve the problem of lugging your baggage around.


The Future Of Robotics Meet Jibo – Personal Robotic Assistant

Since the first time I laid my eyes on C-3PO and R2-D2 the robotic assistant’s who aided the Jedis from Star Wars, I instantly wanted my very own robotic companion. A childhood dream you might say, but alas the day of where humans and robots living side by side has finally come true. Robotics has come a long way bringing people closer to living in the future then ever before that was only possible in Science fiction novels and films.