3DR Solo Drone Review

3DR Solo Drone Review

SolveLight Robotics is proud to present the versatile 3DR Solo Smart Drone. 3D Robotics is an industry-leading drone manufacturing company, bringing consumers all over the world a smart, intuitive, and ready-to-go solution out of the box. The “drone rush” as we like to call it has captivated mainstream society, moving from a hobbyist and industrial user base to a broader demographic of photographers, videographers, and new comers using drones for a first time to bring a new perspective into their pictures, videos, and memories.

DJI Phantom 4 Review

In the aerial robotics world, there is a multitude of multirotor companies that fill the scene, but only one company that is truly recognized and respected by most and that is, DJI. DJI was one of the first companies that released consumer friendly drones, allowing drones to explode onto the scene. The company continues to find new ways to innovate upon the old design and SolveLight Robotics is delighted to review DJI’s newest model yet, the Phantom 4.


Yuneec Typhoon Q500 Quadcopter Review

Over the past few years’ quadcopter’s popularity has risen by a significant amount, both in users and producers. The current quadcopter trend has been reaching out to a divers population of users, from DJ’s such as Deadmau5 to movie productions that have adopted the trend. But, the big question many pilots who are interested in flying bigger quadcopters and drone find themselves asking the same question over and over again, what company produces a reliable and intuitive quadcopter that has really cool features, high end camera, and gimbal?


Meet High-Efficiency Farming

The agricultural equipment company Case IH has come a long way from when it was first established in 1984. They produce reliable, efficient, and effective machinery that give farmers the ability to enhance productivity. They offer a wide array of tractors that can be fitted with different equipment in order to optimize the farming process. But, this latest announcement will truly revolutionize the farming industry.


Amazon Drone Delivery System

As time goes by, so do delivery methods. In the beginning the domestication of horses allowed for long distance delivery, which is relatively faster then on foot. Soon after, horses were replaced with trains and automobiles. Fast-forward to today we have several alternative delivery methods such as planes, trains, cars, and ships. The newest method will be the flagship of delivery in the 21st century, drones.

hydroview max

Versatile, And Rugged Tool For The Exploration Of Undersea Life. HydroView MAX

Beneath the surface of the sea awaits a wonderful and exciting world, filled with a myriad variety of different creatures waiting to be discovered and recorded. The sea has always perplexed people with its many different species of crustaceans, mollusks, and fish. Thanks to robotics, remotely operated underwater vehicles give users a powerful tool for the exploration of our waters and the creatures that inhabit them.


Pokemon Go And Drones

Pokemon Go is an Augmented Reality video game that has swept across the world in a phenomenon that only Pokemon was able to achieve. Millions of people across all generations have downloaded Pokemon Go for free located in your app store. Once you have the app, log in and start walking around in the real world to catch, battle, and become a real life PokeMaster. What’s even more amazing are people’s determination to become the very best without actually going outside and walking as the creators of the game intended.