Drones To The Rescue

Recently, a group of Swiss researchers from the University of Zurich and IDSIA have created an AI drone that not only navigates through dense forests, but was also 85% successful in finding the correct path. 85% doesn’t seem like a lot, but when compared to 82% percent with human trials its safe to assume the future of search and rescue missions will definitely be drone assisted.


Sport Of The Future: Drone Racing

Here at SolveLight Robotics we find ourselves discussing a lot about the next big trend in technology. Recently, our focus of discussion has been shifted towards drone racing and how it’s the next big thing in competitive sports. Given the rise of interest and popularity in drones, many people have taken to the hobby of drones; it’s said that by the end of 2016 an additional 1 million consumer drones will be sold.

Orbit Mobile Brain Controlled Helicopter

Orbit Mobile Brain Controlled Helicopter

Studies show that sharpening your meditation improves working memory and fluid intelligence, but even standardized test scores. Repeated mental exercise is like going to the gym, only you’re building brain instead of your muscles. Mindfulness meditation has become an increasingly important treatment of mental health difficulties like depression, and even post-traumatic stress disorder(PTSD).