Da Vinci surgery robot

Robotics In The Medical Field

Robotics in the medical field will help aid humanity in achieving longevity and health. Investing in professional technologies such as da Vinci surgery robot will help innovate new lines of tools for surgeons and doctors alike to better help their patients. Soon patients will have less stress going to the doctors and more years to spend time with their families and loved ones.


Pokemon Go And Drones

Pokemon Go is an Augmented Reality video game that has swept across the world in a phenomenon that only Pokemon was able to achieve. Millions of people across all generations have downloaded Pokemon Go for free located in your app store. Once you have the app, log in and start walking around in the real world to catch, battle, and become a real life PokeMaster. What’s even more amazing are people’s determination to become the very best without actually going outside and walking as the creators of the game intended.

ezrobot six hexapod

EZROBOT’s Revolution

EZRobot is a part of STEM; bringing countless robots for kids and helping kids learn robotics and computer science. The technology that the kids of today interact and learn from will lead to the creation of more advanced and sophisticated robots with impressive artificial intelligence. The closer SolveLight Robotics is to achieving the goal of integrating robotics in the classroom, home, and business the closer we are in creating a self sustaining and automated future for generations to come.