tesla charging robot

Tesla Motors Had Released A Preview Of Its Mechanized Charging Station

The future of automation is looking bright and brings much promise. Of course, with regulation needing to be implemented as a safety guideline, rather than a restriction, SolveLight Robotics is ecstatic about the release of this innovative and autonomous technology that will help shape the future of driving and not to mention improve safety conditions on the roads today.


The Future Is Here And Its Name Is Tesla Motors

The future is here and its name is Tesla Motors. Recently the car manufacturer had released an update to their Model S, allowing the car to have an autopilot function; Tesla’s autopilot video shows drivers driving with no hands on the wheel or foot on the pedal. Tesla Motors has always been on the cutting edge side of technology for example several months ago they released a video of their futuristic mechanized charging station.


Looks Can Be Deceiving…

Ahmed Mohamed a student in a Texas highschool had recently brought in a homemade clock to show his teacher, which resulted in the arrest of the young inventor. SolveLight Robotics wants to commend Ahmed’s enthusiasm of science in hopes that this horrific event doesn’t deter his love of robotics. People like Ahmed are the pioneers of the future and need our support and praise.