DOBOT M1 Multipurpose Professional Robotic Manipulator

Robot M1 Applications

  • 3D Printing
  • Laser Engraving
  • Soldering
  • Sorting


Dobot M1 Professional Robotic Arm That’s Economic and Smart

Dobot M1 is the most powerful multi-function robot on your desk, especially for DIY maker. Dobot M1 was designed to reverse one simple fact: industrial robotic arms are too expensive. With 0.02mm precision, velocity of 200 degrees per second, 1.5kg workload and 400mm maximum reach, Dobot M1 makes a perfect essence for a professional workspace, where you can do light manufacturing. Not only that, with features like self-developed user interface, wireless connectivity, handhold teaching, and multi-Dobot cooperation capability, we\’ve provided the most user-friendly environment for self-employers and factories to build their own production platform.

The perfect calibration of DC servo motor, harmonic reducer and kinematic algorithm inside Dobot M1 has brought the best out of Dobot M1. You’ll be amazed at how reliable when it’s working, and you can trust it with your tasks.

Dobot M1 Features

  • Light industry & Small Factory: appointed business partner of Huawei, Chow TaiFook; Perfect for accessory processing industry, drug industry and electronic processing industry
  • Personal workspace & Self-employer: For star-ups or hand made business, well combine profession and cost-effectiveness
  • University project: joint project with Tsinghua University and Shandong University
  • 3D Printing: Dobot M1 has 400mm radius and 200mm height printing area itself, and you can extend this printing area with a 1m long trail.
  • Super Professional: With 0.02mm precision, velocity of 200 degrees per second, 1.5kg workload and 400mm maximum reach
  • Laser Engraving: With 500mw PWM modulated laser, it can do both line engraving and shade engraving.
  • Soldering Build: more complicated tool heads like this on Dobot M1’s easy-to-change head tool design.
  • Visual Recognizing: Dobot M1 can distinguish colors and react at a glimpse, accuracy guaranteed.
  • Incredibly User-friendly: self-developed user interface, wireless connectivity, handhold teaching, and multi-Dobot cooperation capability.
  • Reliable lifetime supports: professional engineer provide lifetime technical online supported,conditional 15 days replacement, 12 months worry-free warranty.

Dobot M1 Showcase

  • With Dobot M1’s precision, strength and a little bit of your innovation, Dobot M1 can realize features even more than a traditional industrial robotic arm. One color, more colors. Small size, bigger size. Dobot M1 doesn’t limit your imagination. Dobot M1 has 400mm radius and 250mm height printing area itself, and you can extend this printing area with a 1m long trail.

  • With Pulse-Width-Modulated laser, it can do both line engraving and shade engraving. Now you can have your favorite photo on many materials, a good way of material handling. With a more powerful laser head, it can laser cut on a certain of materials. (This laser head won\’t be provided due to varied custom regulation). *Note: don\’t look directly at the laser beam while it\’s engraving, it would be harmful to your eyes. We\’ll provide a goggle with the laser engraving kit.

  • Bring efficiency into soldering, a high concentration requiring work. Customize your circuit any time! You can build more complicated tool heads like this on Dobot M1’s easy-to-change head tool design.

  • There’s more. Dobot M1 can be very smart with some accessories, increasing your efficiency and creating more value. Computer vision can extend the uses of a robotic arm to a higher level. Dobot M1 has integrated visual API, which can be easily adapted with OpenCV or your own visual system. Picking and placing objects can be smarter from now on.

  • Parts transfering, handling packing and sorting can benefit from Dobot M1’s visual recognizing ability. Recognize, pick, rotate and place, smoothly done without any mistake.

  • Give you a hand and it\’s awesome. Give you two and you can create magic. You can connect to more than one Dobot M1 at once, especially with its wireless connectivity. The possibilities out of the combination are endless.

  • The built-in mapping and path planning system expands Dobot M1’s reach to a whole floor, working as a high-precision execution end, performing tasks like automatic inventory management or in-house service.

Build Your Own Production Platform

Dobot M1 is highly expandable. With standardized head tool port, and complete protocol, API and SDK, multiple hardware extension ports, what you’ve never imagined can now actually become real!

Developing On Dobot M1

Dobot M1 is completely programmable. You can use the official script writing environment, or access to its API & SDK on your own. If you’re a stranger to coding, which is totally ok, there’s the visualized programming environment embedded for easier development.

Dobot M1 is Easy to Use

It’s a fun and exciting thing to watch your work done, bit by bit. To ensure that everyone gets to enjoy the process of making, there’re a few user-friendly features built in Dobot M1, and they allow you to use Dobot M1 without any knowledge of programming.

Dobot M1 and Software

  • Playback List: The playback list supports editing, re-ordering, saving and importing. So once the Dobot M1 is calibrated and the movements are created, it can be fastly applied to all other arms.
  • Dobot Blockly: This visualized programming feature provides an intuitive way to program a robotic arm. It contains major APIs for Dobot robotic arms, and also has access to accessories connected to its I/O ports.
  • Script: The script programming environment is created for professional users. It\’s based on Python, and is integrated with full Dobot APIs.

When you use it, you’ll be surprized at how many fun ways there are of using a robotic arm. Dobot Studio features a large working space to get creative, and access to advanced settings anytime.

Dobot M1 Structure

The Dobot M1’s design introduced virtual prototype and structural dynamic simulation, also refined each component’s design and the selection of servo reducers, improving the overall mechanical and electrical system.

Dobot M1 Motors

The self-developed DC brushless driving system comes with vibration suppression and inertia compensation algorithm, effectively improving its dynamic response and stability at high speed.

Dobot M1 Reducer

We customized and developed a harmonic reducer system for light SCARA type robotic arms, including a supporting bearing structure and a fastening method. We managed to cut down the weight of the harmonic reducers without compromising Dobot M1’s overall performance.

Dobot M1 Controlling Algorithm

We integrated into the high-speed controlling system certain features including vibration suppression on servo system, combined driver & controller, enhanced overall dynamic response through inertia compensation and speed feedforward.

Hint: Save Money, Create Value

One simple fact: an industrial SCARA type robotic arm prices between $10,000 and $20,000, two-year payback period. For many small businesses constantly adjusting their production technique, this is too much to afford, not to mention those creative individuals who want a professional making machine. With more functions and features, Dobot M1 is able to integrate in more steps of production, helping you save more budget.

Dobot M1 Robot Working Space


  • The product can just be shipped in June, advance pre-sale is available.
  • There might be custom tax in destination country, we don\’t cover it. The amount is different by different country policies which you can check local import & export website by HS code 8428904000.
  • We don\’t cover the shipping charge, it will be added directly during the payment.
  • Your goods will be shipped after the payment confirmation. Please provide correct delivery info to ensure in-time delivery. The information will be used for shipping only. If any questions, please feel free to contact us.

ATTN: To US customers In accordance with the US new tariff policy, there would be additional 25% import duties applied to DOBOT Magician basic and educational version.

Additional information

Reach Arm1+Arm2




Circle Time


Range Arm 1


Range Arm 2


Range Z Axis


Range End Effector


Maximum Joint Speed


Maximum Speed X/Y Axis


Maximum Speed Z Axis




Power Supply

100 -240 V, 50/60 Hz


RS 232, Ethernet, WIFI, Bluetooth

Digital I/O

24V input*16, 24V output*16, ADC(analog digital converter)*8



Base Size



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