Looks Can Be Deceiving…

Ahmed Mohamed a student in a Texas highschool had recently brought in a homemade clock to show his teacher, which resulted in the arrest of the young inventor. SolveLight Robotics wants to commend Ahmed’s enthusiasm of science in hopes that this horrific event doesn’t deter his love of robotics. People like Ahmed are the pioneers of the future and need our support and praise.


New 3D Printer Sensor Integration Method: PrintPut

The field of additive manufacturing grows everyday, turning on the news only to see a new breakthrough has been accomplished, thanks to 3D printing. 3D printing has disrupted giant industries such as automotive, pharmaceutical, even fashion, and still continues to expand into other industry segments; due to 3D printing giving users the ability to rapid prototype. Some of you, like most, are wondering, what’s the next step for 3D printing, where is this technology being implemented, and how will it affect you?


RoboCop Saves The Day!

Last week in an effort to stop a deadly confrontation from escalating, the LA police department utilized a robot in order to disarm an armed gunmen cooped up in a barricade. You read that right people. A robot was utilized to snatch a suspect’s rifle away from him so that police can enter safely and arrest the violator. The standoff had dragged into its seventh hour by the time the Sheriff’s Department had decided that they’d send in their $300k Andros bomb disposal robot.


Makerbot 3D Printer Review

In the world of 3D printing no name is more synonymous with 3D printing then Makerbot Industries. Makerbot Industries has captivated the 3D printer community with its rich in feature 3D printers and online Thingiverse community. The company was formed in Brooklyn, New York and started shipping kits in April 2009. In June 19th 2013 Stratasys Incorporated acquired Makerbot Industries in a stock deal worth $403 million.