FlashForge Guider II 3D Printer


Guider II 3D Printer Product Highlights

  • Build Volume: 11.0 x 9.8 x 11.8″
  • 100-200 Micron Layer Resolution
  • Single Extruder Nozzle
  • Print Speed: 24cc/h
  • Print from USB, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet
  • Heated Print Bed
  • Closed Print Chamber
  • 5″ Color IPS Touchscreen
  • FlashPrint Slicing Software
  • Windows, Mac, and Linux Compatible


Guider II 3D Printer Overview

Designed as an industrial-grade tool for extreme hobbyists or prosumers, the anthracite gray Guider II 3D Printer from Flashforge features improved stability and ruggedness. It features Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) printing technology; a build volume of 11.0 x 9.8 x 11.8″; a layer resolution of 100-200 microns; a print speed of 24cc/h; and the ability to utilize ABS, PLA, and specialty filaments via its 0.4mm nozzle. It is equipped with a single extruder nozzle, a closed print chamber with a heated print bed, and a 5″ color IPS (In-Plane Switching) touchscreen. Users may print their compatible .obj, .stl, .g, and .gx files via wired USB connectivity, a USB dongle, Wi-Fi, or Ethernet using the included FlashPrint software. The Guider II is compatible with Windows 8, 7, Vista, and XP, Mac OS X, and Linux.

Guider II 3D Printer General Features

  • Industrial-grade 3D printer designed for the extreme hobbyist or prosumer
  • Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) printing technology
  • Provides stability and ruggedness
  • Single extruder compatible with ABS, PLA, and specialty filament such as flexible

Additional information

Weight 87 lbs
Dimensions 27.2 × 26.5 × 25 in


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