Draganflyer Commander2

Commander2’s Key Features:

  • Small Unmanned Aerial System
  • High endurance
  • Dual battery for extended flight time and increased safety
  • 10x optical zoom RGB sensor or FLIR Thermal imaging camera
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Draganflyer Commander2


The Draganflyer Commander2 is a high endurance, dual battery, small Unmanned Aerial System (sUAS). The dual battery system provides extended flight time and increased safety. The Commander is ideal for Agriculture, Surveying, Aerial 3D modeling, Mapping, Search and Rescue or high endurance Public Safety applications using the 10x optical zoom RGB sensor or FLIR Thermal imaging camera.

Flexible Mission Planning:
Equipped with a new flight controller the Commander2 operates with MavLink based mission planning software to provide powerful and easy to operate flight planning options.

Custom Integration and Design:
The Commander2 is not just a hardware package, this system is available for customization and development to best fit your needs and applications. Backed by over 22 years of UAV development experience you can be confident in a system that is truly tailored for your mission.

RTK Ready:
Commander2 is available with an optional PPK/RTK enabled GPS system and basestation to provide improved absolute accuracy during data collection.

Interchangeable Payload:
Offered with a range of RGB 10x zoom, RGB, Multispectral, Thermal IR, and Hyperspectral sensors the Commander2 has a wide selection of tightly integrated payloads to meet your data collection needs. All payloads are quickly interchangeable between flight and include sensors from MicaSense, FLIR, Sony, and Corning. As always, Draganfly continues to offer custom payload integration for specialized sensors.

Additional information


– Width: 87.3cm (34.4in)
– Length: 87.3cm (34.4in)
– Top Diameter: 107cm (42in)
– Height: 29.46cm (11.6in)

Weight and payload:

– Helicopter w/battery: 2,750g (6lbs)
– Payload capacity: 1,000g (2.2lbs)
– Max take-off weight: 3,750g (8.26lbs)

Flight characteristics:

– Max climb rate: 2m/s (393ft/min)
– Max descent rate: 2m/s (393ft/min)
– Max turn rate: 90 degrees/sec
– Max mission speed: 18m/s (64km/hr)
– Minimum air speed: 0m/s (0kmr/hr)
– Launch type: VTOL
– Typical flight time: 30 min (w/ payload)
– Ceiling ASL 2,438m (8,000ft Density Altitude)

Automated Mission Types:

– Grid and 90 degree double grid
– Corridor Mapping
– Target Stare Point
– Waypoint


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