DOBOT SR4-1 4-axis Series Robotic Manipulator

DOBOT SR4-1 Applications

  • Inspecting
  • Assembling
  • Measuring
  • Polishing
  • Sorting
  • Material loading and unloading


DOBOT SR4-1 4-axis Series Robotic Manipulator Description

DOBOT SR4-1 is a 4-axis industrial robot arm produced by DOBOT. Offering ±0.01mm end repeatability, a maximum 3kg payload and 400mm working range, SR4-1 is suitable for applications that require both low cost and high performance for super high accuracy and fast speed.

DOBOT SR4-1 Scecifications

  • Type: DT-DB-4R010-00I
  • Payload: Rated – 1Kg, Maximum – 3kg
  • Reach: 400mm
  • Standard Cycle Time: 0.45s
  • User Circuit: 15Pin(D-Sub Port)
  • User Air Pipe: φ4mm x 1, φ6mm x 2
  • Net Weight: 13kg
  • Communication Mode: Ethernet, Modbus
  • Internal PLC: support
  • External Axis Control: support

DOBOT SR4-1 Applications

Inspecting, assembling, measuring, polishing, sorting, material loading and unloading


Additional information


1Kg-3Kg Max



Standard Cycle Time


User Circuit

15Pin(D-Sub Port)

User Air Pipe

φ4mm x 1, φ6mm x 2

Net Weight


Communication Mode

Ethernet, Modbus

Internal PLC


External Axis Control



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