DENNA L1000A Highlights:

  • Waterproof: Mower is made of waterproof material
  • Rain shelter function: returns to station when it rains
  • Automatic obstacle slow down: Avoids damaging the unit!
  • Automatic recharging when batteries run low


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Denna L1000A Robot Lawn Mower

The L1000A Robot Lawn Mower is a small, compact, and quiet personal gardener that can be scheduled to mow at your convenience. This robot is the ideal tool to keep your lawn groomed like the greens on your favorite golf course. You will nowbe able to enjoy your week-ends! The Denna robot mower moves freely within an area of lawn marked by aperimeter. It is widely used in family gardens, residential gardens, public gardens, school gardens, office gardens even sports fields. It produces low noise, no pollution and easy labor compared with traditional mower. It has more remarkable function than similar products.


  • Safety protect: If one of 6 operation faults happen, the machine will stop working automatically
  • Waterproof: Mower is made of waterproof material. Rain can not enter inside the machine and disturb its functions
  • Automatic shelter rain function: There is a rain sensor built-in the machine, when it detects the rain for several seconds, the robot will automatically return to the charging station, it will not go out to work until the next scheduled mowing or manual operation
  • Automatic obstacle slow down: There is an infrared detection system built-into the robot. It will automatically slow down its speed if there is an obstacle in its path. This will protect the robot and avoid violent collisions.
  • Automatic recharging: When the mower completes mowing the area or the battery is low, the L1000 will return to the charging station automatically.
  • Adjustable mowing height: Below the upper cover, there is a rotate lid to adjust the height of mowing


  • Suitable for areas up to 2300 square feet
  • Mowing Width: 24cm
  • Mowing Height: 70mm
  • Manages both mowing and charging automatically


  • Max Mowing area: 2300 square feet
  • Mowing width: 24cm
  • Mowing power: 90W
  • Mowing motor rotate speed: 3500r/m
  • Charging hour: 2-3h for (4ah model) and 5-6h for (8Ah model)
  • Average working hour: 1-2h for (4ah model) and 3-4h for (8Ah model)
  • Average walking speed: 0.2-0.3 m/s
  • Noise: ≤60db
  • Lawn remain height: 3-7cm
  • Climbing inclination: ≤ 20°
  • Battery: 24V, 4Ah-8Ah(see options)
  • Kind of battery:  Lithium battery

Denna L1000 can cover an area of 1300-2300 square feet and can mow lawns with slopes of up to 20° without losingspeed or power and without tipping over. It moves around randomlywithout following a precise pattern and whenever it meets an obstacle orthe perimeter wire, the L1000 changes direction withoutever repeating the same movement.

Denna L1000 Colors

NOTE: Super popular and trustworthy in Europe. Product lead time is 2-4 weeks(CALL FOR DETAILS).

Additional information

Lithium battery


Driving motor

L1000A Brush motor; L1000B Brushless motor;

Mowing motor

Brushless motor

Maximum mowing area


Mowing area

4AH = 350 m^2; 8AH = 700 m^2.

Working time

4AH = 1.5 Hours; 8AH = 3 Hours.

Mowing height

3.5 – 7 cm

Mowing width

24 cm

Rated voltage


Mowing motor speed

3500 rpm

Mowing motor power

90 W


≤60 db

Grade ability


Model Upgrade to 8Ah

No Upgrade (+$0.00), Yes, Upgrade to model 8Ah (+$50.00)


Green, Pink, Blue, Red, Grey


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