Amy Robotics A2 Telepresence Service Robot


Amy A2 Product Highlights

  • Telepresence
  • Speech interaction
  • Face recognition
  • Auto navigation
  • Cloud platform robot cloud platform
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The Amy Robotics A2 Telepresence Robot is an innovative technology company in focusing on research and development of service robots that enhance quality of life with robotic technologies, products and services. Headquartered in Hangzhou, China, Amy Robotics possesses nationawide network and international branches, R&D centers in the United States, Germany with a cross-globe network of talents from famous enterprises and universities. Amy Robotics guarantee a top-quality cost-effective product and service through competitive R&D, global network of talents, operational excellence to achieve a “beyond your expectations”.


Key improvement features of A2 compared to the old A1/M1 model:
1. 4G/5G SIM card  card supported;
2. Multi-language supported;
3. More operative Amina 2.0 new operation system and SDK with easier maintenance condition;
4. Better navigation and movement reliability;



Amy Robotics A1 Twin Sister Telepresence Robot- Click to Enlarge


Easily change the way communication. User can immediately be anywhere in the world with complete freedom of movement. It can move around in a remote location and let one communicate with people there via its camera, speaker, and microphone. Through other remote-controlled telepresence robots, the user can visit a distant location and explore it as if they were physically present.

Amy Robotics A1 Twin Sister Telepresence Robot- Click to Enlarge


Amy Robotics A1 Twin Sister Telepresence Robot- Click to Enlarge


Amy can recognize all family members and knows each one\’s preferences.


Amy Robotics A1 Twin Sister Telepresence Robot- Click to Enlarge


Amy knows well at indoors positioning, autonomous map building, and obstacle avoidance and intelligent recharge. Amy was designed to increase efficiency with its navigation capabilities that enable users simply specify a destination and the robot automatically navigate to the desired location without any human intervention.


Additional information



Battery capacity


Average battery life

10 hours

Microphone array

4 microphones linear

Pick-up range


Sound source localization

Two-dimension 180 degrees

Speech interruption


Voice wake-up


Echo cancellation



3D camera

Detection range


Localization accuracy


Main board


CPU frequency

1.8GHz Quadcore ARM

Storage space



Dual track

DSP equalizer



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