Amazon Drone Delivery System

As time goes by, so do delivery methods. In the beginning the domestication of horses allowed for long distance delivery, which is relatively faster then on foot. Soon after, horses were replaced with trains and automobiles. Fast-forward to today we have several alternative delivery methods such as planes, trains, cars, and ships. The newest method will be the flagship of delivery in the 21st century, drones.


Bionic Implant Restores Mobility In Monkeys

Recently in a first of its kind science research experiment an international team of scientists collaborated together to implant a wireless neural network in a pair of Rhesus Macaque (monkeys) to restore mobility in their temporarily paralyzed legs. They did so by bypassing the spinal cord injury with “brain-spine interface” implants, restoring intentional walking movement. The discovery is first of its kind because of its use of a neural prosthetic implant allowing for the restoration of movement.


FlashForge Finder 3D Printer Review

When searching for an affordable, reliable, and quality built 3D printer to buy nothing comes to mind other than FlashForge. The company had first entered the 3D printing space in 2011 and has since then, produced award winning 3D printers such as the FlashForge Creator. What truly separates them from the competition is their ability to consistently bring great printers at a price point that brings consumers a great value deal.